Monday, August 13, 2007

Fusion Spa (Homewood)

Hey, we love you. Really. Exactly the way you are. It's just that if you want to be, say, attractive to people...well, you might want to consider getting some work done. You know, like all over your face region. Not that you need it, of course, but you should probably do something. Definitely.

Fusion Spa is sponsoring an open house on Friday, August 17 (12-8 PM) and Saturday, August 18 (10 AM-8 PM) where they will showcase the latest in technology and medical procedures. For these days only, you can receive 10% off any service appointment made.

Fusion Spa
1831 28th Ave South
Suite 155 North
Homewood, AL
(205) 870-0204

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hair Bella (Vestavia Hills)

Remember about 3 years ago when your friend got that ridiculous make-over and you pretended to love it. Well no one has responded to her profile since - and she still thinks it's because of the three cats she rescued. Dr. Phil says it's time you two had a talk. And after that storm, maybe the folks at Hair Bella can help. Here are their latest specials (advertised on their website):

1) Be Mine Tonight - caviar treatment, shampoo, cut and style out, facial waxing, and mani/pedi for $125.

2) Give Me Some Sugar - Bonacure exfoliate and restore hair treatment, shampoo, cut and style out. Shampoo and conditioner of your choice for $99.

Hair Bella

4141-A White Oak Drive
Vestavia Hills, AL
(205) 262-1812

NailTek (Mountain Brook)

Just when we we're ready to give up on The Clipper...BAM! They come back with some sweet deals for that long overdue mani/pedi.

Here are the latest "Clipper" promos from NailTek:
Manicure - $12, Spa pedicure - $23, Manicure & spa pedicure - $34, Pink & White powder - $45 and Deluxe pedicure - $30.

Of note, all of these offers expire on 10/31/07 (Happy Halloween!) and are not valid with other offers or previous services.

600 Olde English Lane (behind Joe Muggs)
Mountain Brook, AL
(205) 879-3377

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hair Reflections (The Summit)

We like consistency...and Hair Reflections never fails to deliver. Every Monday they send us an email with deals for the week (all because we signed up for their "Cutting Edge Newsletter").

Our favorite special for this week (July 30 - Aug 4) money down, $99 month (oh wait, that's from the Suzuki Man). But we're sure that Hair Reflections has some good deals too.

Hair Reflections
113 Summit Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35243
(205) 977-7770

Renovare Hair Salon (Hoover)

No, we haven't yet had the opportunity to meet with James A. Adams, but we bet he's a nice fella. Actually, he's so nice that he's celebrating his birthday (Aug 3rd) by offering a free hair cut with any service (he works at Renovare Hair Salon). You can book an appointment by calling (205) 937-7627 or (205) 824-1040.

Typically, we celebrate our birthdays by demanding everyone crawl at our feet and have Skittles available upon demand. Apparently, James is a giver. We may not understand it, but we do appreciate.

Renovare Hair Salon
220 Olde Towne Road
Birmingham, AL 35216
(205) 824-1040

103.7 The Q's "Half-Price Hook Ups"

If you're the type that like save money, there are a few things you need to do...

1) Become a SupaFly
2) Get a Birmingham Weekly card
3) Sign up for Birmingham Menus mailing list (check the bottom of home page for link), and
4) Check out 103.7 The Q's "Half-Price Hook Ups"

Current "Hook-Ups" include: 50% discount on a $50 gift certificate for Jim Ostrosky Salon (Vestavia Hills) and only $20 for $50 gift certificates at Southern Chic Salon and Boutique (Hueytown).

Of note, they do charge a few dollars for processing. Shady? Yep. But it's still a pretty sweet deal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Votre Spa Salon (Patton Creek)

Seriously, you really need to consider a massage. It can help you with that leg-twisted-behind-your-head thingy. You're starting to scare the children.

Votre Spa Salon is offering 40% off all massages on Tuesdays thru Thursdays between June 19th and August 2nd. Let the spa coordinator you are using this special when booking your appointment.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We need your story. Tell us about your best (or worst) salon experience. It doesn't matter where it happened - we just want to know what you've liked (and what you wish you could forget).

Why share? The five best stories will be awarded a gift certificate for services at a local Birmingham salon or spa. They will also be published in an upcoming issue of Birmingham Magazine.

Email your experience to or enter via (starting June 1st). We'll be accepting submissions until July 1.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hair Impressions (Vestavia Hills)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, unless you have access to a time machine. Which I do. Quick note from the future...get a hair cut.

Hair Impressions (a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon) is currently offering 20% off your first visit. This promo is currently running in the Black & White.

Hair Impressions
Vestavia City Center
614 Montgomery Hwy
Vestavia Hills
(205) 824-2446

Monday, April 23, 2007

Perfect Tan and Boutique (Mountain Brook)

Dear Sun,

Yes, we were initially very impressed with photosynthesis. And, of course, we still appreciate the Vitamin D. But seriously, Sun...what have you done for us lately? This whole "global warning" thing is starting to look like more than just a fad and Perfect Tan & Boutique is now offering 10% off tanning services to all first time customers. Not to say that we didn't have some good times - and we totally want to stay friends - but maybe we should, like, see other people.

Perfect Tan & Boutique
1109 Dunston Avenue, Suite A
Birmingham, AL 35213
(205) 870-8336

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Votre Spa Salon (Patton Creek)

For the misguided few who insist that the French lack true grit, may we introduce you to Julien Pillet...Julien (Monsieur Pillet, to you) is a French sabre fencer and two-time Olympic medalist.

Although originally from Dijon (Burgundy), Julien discovered fencing in Los Angeles. As a teenager, Julien moved to LA with his mother. Unfortunately, he became the object of bullying by the Cobras, a menacing group of fencing students. In order to defend himself, Daniel asked the handyman at his apartment complex, Jean-Claude Miyagi, to teach him how to handle the sabre. Monsieur Miyagi taught Julien that fencing is mastery over the self (mind and body) and that sword-play is always the last answer to a problem. Under Miyagi's guidance, Julien learned the physical skills while gaining faith and the self-confidence to defeat "Johnny", the leader of the Cobras. Later on, he won Olympic medals and stuff.

They should totally make a movie about this guy.

Votre Spa Salon is offering the following spring specials (via their website):

1. Mid-week Escape (Tues - Thurs): one-hour elemental nature massage and deep cleansing facial for $130

2. Come-again: package of 6, one-hour elemental nature massages for $425

3. Spring Style: women's haircut & style with newest stylist Layton Walters for $35

Votre Spa Salon
160 Main Street, Suite 200
Hoover, AL

p.s., "Votre" means "your" in French.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Renaissance Ross Bridge Spa (Hoover)

Mention "renaissance" and everyone starts talking about da Vinci. Sure, he could paint and he might of invented the helicopter, but rumor has it he got all of his best ideas from his hair stylist. Seriously, this guy at the Southside library told us. And he even sort-of looked like da Vinci.

The Renaissance Ross Bridge Spa is offering 20% off all spa services to local residents on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thanks to SupaFly Christine P. for this tip.

Renaissance Rose Bridge Spa
4000 Grand Avenue
Birmingham, Alabama 35226
(205) 916-7677

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Nations Hair Studio (Chelsea)

As typical for salonfly staffers on Sunday mornings, we all settled around the 90" plasma screen to watch Face the Nation. Just because we're pretty doesn't mean we don't care about real issues. Top of our warming, immigration reform, and what the heck is up with Hillary?

Nations Hair Studio is currently offering the following promotions:

1) $10 off cut & style (new customer only)

2) $15 deep conditioning treatment (regular $45)

3) $5 off all waxing services

4) Redken "sparkle" treatment for only $25 (regular $45)

5) Buy shampoo and conditioner and get any 3rd retail item half-price (one per customer)

6) Free cut with any foil, highlight, color or perm (new customer only)

Nations Hair Salon
10699 Old Hwy 280
Bldg 5, Unit 2
Chelsea, AL 35043
(205) 678-3200

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Aura Day Spa (Inverness)

In a former life, one of our salonfly staffers served as consultant to a local police department. A powerful psychic, she would station herself along popular thoroughfares and read the auras of people passing by. If she noticed anything strange, two burly cops would arrest the suspect immediately. Sure, the city eventually got sued, but we're still convinced it was a great idea.

We recruited her to help us identify folks in need of a therapeutic massage. Now she hangs out at The Summit offering discount rub downs to folks with "bruised" auras. Brilliant!

Concerned about your aura? Aura Day Spa is currently advertising the following promotions on their website (click on the "specials" button):

1) Ten 90 minutes massages for $750 (save $150)

2) Six, one-hour massages for $300 (save $60)

Aura Day Spa
200 Cahaba Park Circle, Suite 102
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 980-2504

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bradford Scott Salons (Homewood)

No longer need death stand in the way of reaching your goals. Sure, "Scotty" passed away almost two years ago, but this April he's realizing his life-long dream of visiting actual outer space!

Thanks to the folks at Memorial Space Flights, Cmdr. Montgomery Scott will be making his first of two trips to space April 28, 2007. And what's even better? You can post a message in tribute to Scotty that will travel with him - for free!

Just imagine (well, your name and a short personal message) and a bona fide Star Trek celebrity will be in outer space...together! Just wait till that jerk, Derek, at your office hears about this - he thinks he so cool since seeing Gene Simmons at the Galleria.

You had better get a haircut before the media catch wind...

Merrill Shepherd, master stylist / color specialist at Bradford Scott Salons in Homewood is currently offering the following introductory offer: 50% off a haircut and style with a complementary stress relieving treatment and make-up touch up.

We found this sweet little deal on a business card she left behind at Cool Beans Coffee (Edgewood). It wouldn't hurt to confirm whether this promo is still running (at the time of booking your appointment). FYI - we called last week (March 28th) and they said it was still valid.

Bradford Scott Salons, Inc.
100 Broadway
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 290-9141

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cameo Corner Hair Salon (Southside)

Everyone should have a theme song. Don't believe us? Try this experiment...burst into your boss's office and demand a raise.

Do it, right now...we''ll wait.

Okay. How'd it go? Not so good, huh? Now, run Cameo's 1986 hit "Word Up!" through your head a few times and then go into your boss's office and demand a raise. got fired? Yeah, we were just kidding.

Maybe a salon discount will make you feel better. Cameo Corner Hair Salon is currently offering a 20% discount on any service (with a Black & White card). If you don't already have a card, you can register for one here.

Don't have that kind of time? What? Like you got a job? Seriously, we're sorry about that. Anyway, just call the salon and ask if they'll still honor the promotion - we'd be surprised if not.

Cameo Corner Hair Salon
1900 11th Avenue South
(205) 251-4426

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shangri-La Salon (Moody)

Mention "shangri-la" and we immediately think Chinese food. And despite all the recent negative press, there ain't no way we're ever retiring our chopsticks. Sure it's a bit salty and maybe a tad heavy in calories...but it's freakin' delicious! Plus, writing the "flypaper" is a major calorie burner. We are totally ready for swimsuit season.

Shangri-La Salon is currently offering 10% off services when you mention their website. It doesn't specify what you should "mention", but we'd suggest you remain positive...remember, they have razors.

Shangri-La Salon
3116 Moody Pkwy
Moody, AL 35004
(205) 640-5301

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hala Salon Seventh Avenue (Lakeview)

We have to admit it...we looked it up. Neither of us had any idea what a "Holla Back Girl" was. Ten years ago, we'd have totally gotten it. Then again, ten years ago we'd have to look up "adjustable rate mortgage".

Anyway, thanks to, we now know that a "holla back girl" is a one willing to be treated like a doormat or booty call (no, we didn't need to look up "booty call").

Hala (not "Holla") Salon Seventh Avenue is currently offering 20% of any service - expiring o4/01/07 (courtesy of salonfly). Click here to download you voucher.

Hala Salon Seventh Avenue
2831 Seventh Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 323-4252

Salon M Squared (Inverness)

Sure, we love the drama of competitive sports, but we always feel so confused and empty when the season ends. What? No more field hockey until next August! Crud.

We were ready to give it up altogether...until we found I.F.O.C.E. That's right, the International Federation of Competitive Eating. No downtime - these guys compete all year long. Our current favorite...Dale Boone from Atlanta - currently ranked 12th in the world!

Looking for a competitive eating hero in Birmingham? Us too. Until then, we'll have to find inspiration Salon M2 (pronounced M-squared). Check out their current profile by Birmingham Magazine's Style Guy (click here).

Salon M2 is offering the following promotions - expiring 04/30/07 (click here to download vouchers from salonfly):

1) 10% off any salon service

2) 20% off the purchase of any 3 Redken products

3) Free Redken "camo color" with any men's hair cut

Salon M2
5299 Valleydale Rd
Hoover, AL 35242
(205) 995-6123

Thursday, March 22, 2007

SunSource Tanning

According to Wikipedia, "TAN" may be interpreted as initials for any of the following:
Now we know.

Anyway, SunSource Tanning is offering the following deals - expiring 04/30/07 (courtesy of Valpak):

1) $27.95 monthly membership (electric funds transfer only)

2) Buy 300 minutes get 100 minutes free

3) 5 tans for only $22.95 - super bed only (and new clients only)

SunSource Tanning
1526 Montclair Rd
(205) 956-0409

Tan Zone III

They told you once, they told you twice, now, for the third're creepy pale - get some sun!

The Tan Zone is offering a $15 Mystic spray tan special - expiring 05/15/07 (courtesy of Valpak).

Tan Zone

410 Palisades Blvd, Homewood, (205) 879-9040

1425 Montgomery Hwy, Vestavia, (205) 978-2826

2236 Pelham Pkwy, Pelham, (205) 733-2826


We completely forgot about the Valpak! Sure, the Clipper Magazine always brings a smile, but the Valpak is just plain awesome! And you don't even have to "clip" the coupons - it's genius! A whole bunch of Valpak love is coming your way...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tan Zone II

Well, here it is folks...the last coupon in March-April 2007 Clipper Magazine. If you've been keeping score, this issue's beauty coupons were for three tanning salons and one hair salon. Basically, the Clipper thinks you're pasty - and that your hair isn't much of an issue right now.

The Tan Zone is offering the following (expiring 04/25/07):

1) $14.96 EFT only unlimited tanning
(sorry, but we don't know what this means)

2) $10 for 1-week tanning membership (new clients only)

3) Buy 1 get 1 free mystic spray tan session (new clients only)

4) $149.96 for 1-year tanning membership (new clients only)

And for a Tan Zone promo in the Yellow Book, click here.

Tan Zone

410 Palisades Blvd, Homewood, (205) 879-9040

1425 Montgomery Hwy, Vestavia, (205) 978-2826

2236 Pelham Pkwy, Pelham, (205) 733-2826

Fantastic Sams (Greystone)

Never really got into comic books - it just didn't make sense to read about folks like the Incredible Hulk when you could watch the tv show. Plus, some of these superhero groups had the lamest names. The "Fantastic 4"? Sounds like a 90's boy band. Wait, was it?

Anyway, Fantastic Sams is offering the following deals - expiring 04/25/07 (courtesy of the mighty Clipper Magazine):

1) Just for kids cut (free shampoo & lite dry) - $6.95

2) Adult cut (free shampoo & lite dry) - $10.95

3) Quick & Easy Perm (free shampoo & cut) - $24.95

Fantastic Sams
2800 Greystone Comm Blvd (west of Driversway, Hwy 280)
(205) 991-1646

Monday, March 19, 2007

Elite Tan

Did you ever see the Joy Luck Club? It's the one where Wesley Snipes goes to Japan to rescue his daughter from the mob only to uncover this totally sinister organization with ties to the highest levels of government. And because of his brash "American" crime-fighting style, the Tokyo police force assign Jackie Chan to keep Wesley under control. Man, what a great flick. My favorite part is where the head of mob is hanging off a building from Wesley's wrist and Wesley says "yippie-kay-yeah" and then unclasps his watch (on that wrist). The mob guy totally falls.

Anyway, Joy Luck Club was written by Amy Tan.

Elite Tan is offering the following deals - expiring 04/25/07 (courtesy of Clipper Magazine):

1) Buy one Magic Tan, get 2nd session free

2) $199, unlimited tanning for 2007 (1st level bed), additional goggle and lotion purchase required

3) Buy 2 tans, get 2 tans free

4) Buy one month of unlimited tanning and get one month free (additional lotion purchase required)

Elite Tan (2 locations)

River Ridge Mall (across from Target)

Highway 280 (across form Wal-Mart)

California Sun (Cahaba Heights)

There's more than 2000 miles separating Birmingham from sunny Los Angeles - seriously, I just goggle mapped it. Anyway, that's pretty far. But we don't care, because we can get California sun right here in Cahaba Heights!

California Sun is currently offering the following deals - all expiring on 04/30/07 (courtesy of Clipper Magazine):

1) $99, 3 month unlimited (20 minute bed)

2) Free session (buy 1 session in 12 minute bed, get 1 free)

3) $40 spray tan (2 sessions, $50 value)

California Sun
3161 Green Valley Rd (across from Walgreens)
Cahaba Heights
(205) 967-1786

The Clipper

The Clipper is back! No, not the 19th century multi-masted sailing ship. The coupon magazine. It came right to our mail box, addressed to "valued reader" - that's us!

A whole bunch of cliptastic deals coming at ya...

Hair Reflections (The Summit)

Hair Reflections loves us. Every Monday, they email. "Hey Salonfly," they say. "Check out these great specials - this week only". If only there was a way to share all the special attention...

Oh well, we're off to get a free eyelash tint - it's free this week with any scheduled service.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blue Velvet Salon (Mt. Brook)

Have you ever wanted to be a fashion model? Come on, it's fun! One of the staff here at salonfly used to be a JC Penny catalog model and he gets free tighty-whiteys for life!

The folks at Blue Velvet Salon are looking for models for future advertising campaigns. If you are a person open to change, and are ready for a new look, email with your contact info and a photograph.

Receive a free makeover and become a local celebrity! Photos will be used in magazines, billboards and salonfly promotions.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Renovare Hair Salon (Vestavia Hills)

According to, "renovare" is Romanian for "facelift". Which, of course, reminds me of Angelica Adelstein-Rozeanu, the most glorious table tennis player in sports history. Seventeen world titles, folks - they don't just give those things away. Unfortunately, Angelica passed away just last year - still proud at 84. Oh, many a day have I called upon her strength to vanquish foolish competitors at my grandfather's nursing home. That's right, I'm still undefeated, baby!

Anyway, Renovare Hair Salon is currently offering $20 off service for first-time clients. Just go to their website (here) and click on the "special offer" tab. A word of caution, you might want to confirm this one at the time of booking - the fact that the coupon still has a Christmas theme makes me a bit nervous.

Renovare Hair Salon
220 Olde Towne Road
Birmingham, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 824-1040

Discount gift certificates (

That's right, folks - we're knee-deep in building our online shop. We'll be offering gift certificates for salons and spas in Birmingham at a 20% discount. Participating salons and spas will include: Belk Salon and Spa (Riverchase), Blue Velvet Salon (Mt. Brook), Fusion Spa (Homewood), Salon at Parison (Brookwood) and Salon M2 (Inverness) - more salons and spas to be added soon.

The plan is to be online before the end of this month. Keep checking your flypaper - we'll announce the actual launch date here.

Studio 21 (Inverness)

Did anyone see Studio 54? If you're looking for Mike Meyers funny, steer clear of this puppy. Strange that the casting director elected him to star in a drama about disco-era NYC. Okay, Mike, we're going to dress you up as Dr. Evil's half-brother and surround you with over-the-top 1970s stereotypes...but no jokes allowed. Big surprise that one flopped.

As Bob Barker says "Always spay and neuter your pets, but never Canadian comedians".

We're not sure where Studio 21 Hair Salon got it's name - probably only loosely affiliated with the film. Anyway, they are currently offering the following promotions on their website:

1) Buy any two products and get the third (of equal or lesser value) 50% off

2) Receive a discount on a designer cut with any color or perm service (we're not sure why they're keeping the "discount" vague)

Studio 21 Hair Salon
Hwy 280, Inverness
446 Cahaba Park Circle
Birmingham , AL

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gates of Pearl Day Spa and Salon (Inverness)

We're often surprised to hear that people still listen to the radio. Do you remember when Velcro was invented? Neither do we, but that's probably the last time we tuned our FM dial.

How we happened across Magic 96.5 yesterday isn't important (I think I accidentally turned it on while playing with the navigation system in our hydrofoil). Anyway, it worked out great because at that very moment a commercial began for Gates of Pearl Day Spa and Salon. Through April 15th, they are offering the following "Spring into Beauty" promotion: hair cut and style with robotic massage, plus a paraffin hand treatment with polish change and make-up artistry for $58.

Even more Gates of Pearl promotions are available here.

Gates of Pearl Day Spa and Salon
4500 Valleydale Rd
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 437-0099

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Solana Med Spa (Greystone)

You look great. Really, you do. We're not saying you need any work done. It's just that...well, if you wanted to be really picky, you might want to think about a little BOTOX (you, all over your face). But hey, either way, you look great.

Ready for a pick-me-up? Just go the Solana Med Spa website (click here) and enter your email address. They'll email you a
free $50 gift certificate for any treatment or service procedure. FYI - check your junk mail (that's were ours ended up).

Solana Med Spa

Benson Square at Greystone
5520 Highway 280, Suite 4
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 437-0956

Clipper Magazine

The Clipper Magazine is one cocky little periodical. You both know that you aren't going to use any of the coupons inside, but you just can't bring yourself to throw it away - and the Clipper knows it. There's always the "if". What "if" I suddenly need to get my air ducts cleaned? Boy, then that coupon would come in handy.

Of course, by then, the coupon would have expired. So evil.

We'll do what we can to keep you abreast of the Clipper's salon and spa coupons. Let us know if you actually use one - we'd love to hear a success story.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Changes Salon Spa and Wellness Center (Norwood)

You know that David Bowie song "Changes"? Probably can hum the tune, but don't know any of the words, right? Yeah, well, David doesn't really care. According to the London Sunday Times "Rich List 2006", Mr. Bowie is the 465th richest person in the U.K. Now he just wanders around, nodding his head and mumbling "richer than you...and you...and you".

Because the rest of us still need coupons, Changes Salon and Wellness Center is offering $5 off any spa or salon service (minimum $25). This is a Yellow Book coupon, expiring 03/08.

Changes Salon and Wellness Center
1210 32nd Street N
(205) 254-6959

Custom Hair Design (Trussville)

Why aren't salons open on Mondays? Has no one in the history of the world ever needed a hair cut on a Monday? What about all those Monday Night Football parties? Are men supposed to show up with a fresh bowl of nacho dip and a scraggly do? Can't they sneak in somewhere for a cut before the big game? I'm seriously considering petitioning the Alabama Cosmetology Board. Who's with me?

Well, at least some salons are offering concessionary discounts.

Custom Hair Design is offering the following:

1) $10 off perms or $10 off highlights or color, and 2) $4 off any women's cut and blow dry (both are Yellow Book coupons, expiring 02/08).

Custom Hair Design
Colonial Promenade (next to Bath & Body)
5915 Trussville Crossings Pkwy, Suite 29
(205) 661-2800

Tan Zone

Seriously, folks, there just isn't anything funny about an uneven tan. Sure, it's easy to joke..."redneck" or maybe even "farmer's tan", but do you ever stop to think about the pain these poor folks endure? My uncle had a "farmer's tan" and he died. The doctors even had a fancy name for it - "myocardial infarction". That's right, death by bad tan (I'm pretty sure it's Latin).

The Tan Zone understands how serious this is, which is why they currently have a Mystic Tan offer - 2 for $24 (they recommend calling for details). This is yet another Yellow Book coupon, expiring 04/08.

Tan Zone

Vestavia, (205) 978-2826

Pelham, (205) 733-2826

Homewood, (205) 879-9040

Santa Fe Day Spa (Inverness)

Your lunch is depressing. Sure, Jared was able to turn several years of "nothing but Subway" into a lucrative career, but we just don't see that happening for you. First of all, you just don't have his charisma (none of us do), and B, well, just cut it out...there is no B.

Here's another suggestion...Santa Fe Day Spa is offering a lunchtime special - $50 for a 45 minute Swedish massage or facial on Mondays - Thursdays (Yellow Book coupon, expires 03/08).

And for those of you that couldn't possibly make it to and fro in the remaining 15 minutes of your lunch break, Santa Fe Day Spa is also offering $25 off chemical hair process (perms, all over color highlights). This is another Yellow Book coupon, expiring 03/08.

Santa Fe Day Spa
611 Doug Baker Blvd
(205) 408-7221

Infinity Med-I-Spa (Hoover and Homewood)

The hardest part of any negotiation is controlling your facial features. Remember the first time you bought a car? The dealer totally played you. That subtle tick of the eyebrow, that nervous twitch of you lower lip, it all spelled "sucker" to him. But let's not dwell, there will be many future negotiations (job, house, divorce attorneys) and you now have the power to turn the tables with BOTOX! Imagine it...your face would be completely impervious to emotion - they'd all crumble before you! And you'd look years younger - totally win, win.

Infinity Med-I-Spa is currently offering 10% of BOTOX or Restylane or other dermal filler per site (Yellow Book coupon, expires 02/08).

And while you're at might also consider a free laser hair removal (buy one treatment, get one free). Another Yellow Book coupon expiring on 02/08.

Infinity Med-I-Spa
Hoover (205) 682-9974
Homewood (205) 290-0021

Yeager's Hair Studio and Spa (Riverchase)

Chuck Yeager is arguably one of the best pilots every produced by the U.S. of A. Many American youths grew up in the 1980s playing his flight simulator on their Tandy computers - each of them dreaming of becoming the next great test pilot. Of course, those dreams were crushed for 99.9% of all them, but hey, the world still needs accountants.

Anyway, I can't say for certain whether the "Yeager" from Yeager's Hair Studio and Spa is related to Chuck, but I'm just going to assume he (or she) is just as awesome at providing hair and spa services as Chuck was in breaking the sound barrier.

If you need more incentive than that, they are currently offering 10% off any Dermalogica product with any full service facial (Yellow Book coupon, expires 03/08).

Yeager's Inc. Hair Studio and Spa
3821 Old Lorna Rd, Suite 112
(205) 987-2380

Mind and Body Spa and Wellness Center (Hueytown)

It's rumored that John Wayne died with over 57 pounds of undigested red meat in his colon. And that happened long before they introduced all-you-can-eat Sirloin Thursdays at Old Country Buffet. I'm sure "the Duke" could have benefited from the services of Mind and Body Spa & Wellness Center, which just so happens to be offering a "Mix-D-Match" coupon in the current Yellow Book. What's "Mix-D-Match"? 3 services (colon cleansing, infrared sauna, foot detox, ear candling, or massage) and get one free (of equal or lesser value). Expires 04/08.

And make sure to ask them what the "D" is in Mix-D-Match. I don't get it.

Mind and Body
Spa & Wellness Center
1292 Hueytown Rd
Hueytown (next to Blue Wave Pool)
(205) 497-6336

Spa Japonika (Riverchase Galleria)

Our world travels have not yet landed us in Japan, but we're definitely looking forward to it. It has to be the most relaxing country in the entire world. Why else would every spa in Birmingham have a Japanese-inspired logo? On that note, Spa Japonika is offering 15% off any product (Yellow Book coupon, expires 02/08). FYI - they sell Aveda (and Aveda stuff on sale is hard to come by).

Spa Japonika
Located in the Riverchase Galleria (next to the Wynfrey Hotel)
(205) 402-9579

Cotter Medspa (Alabaster)

Did you ever see the movie "Face Off"? It's the one where Nicholas Cage steals John Travolta's face (and then a bunch of things blow up). Very cool...wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, plastic surgery. Maybe you aren't ready to switch faces (and maybe they can't actually do that yet), but how about a trip to the spa instead? Yes, Shelby Plastic Surgery has a spa (a.k.a. Cotter Medical Spa) and they are currently offering $35 off any spa service (Yellow Book coupon, expires 02/08).

Cotter MedSpa
Located within Shelby Plastic Surgery
1216 First Street North, Hwy 31
Alabaster, AL
(205) 664-4665